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We offer a variety of health care and social care programs to support the elderly in the community.

A program that provides intensive primary health care services to homebound elderly patients with long term or advanced illnesses, inclusive of BP checkups, bloodwork, physiotherapy, etc

This will be a program targeting the frail and homebound elderly who require supervision and assistance with their activities of daily living eg. bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, walking etc.

A program that will provide medical home care devices to the frail and shut-in elderly. These include catheters, bed pads, gait belts, etc.

A program that will provide intensive training in areas such as basic life support, homecare services and more, to the caregivers who will be offering healthcare services to the frail and homebound elderly .

The program will work towards going on drives providing food packages to the less fortunate families and homes with frail and shut-in elderly ones.

This program will provide sanitation services to families with frail and elderly ones, especially those in rural areas. In this program, ROLIG Foundation will provide clean water and upgrade toilets.

The program will focus on building houses and improving living conditions including but not limited to rehabilitating roofs and walls, provision of select household necessities, and landscaping all aimed at providing comfort for the frail and homebound elderly ones.

This program will build an Adult Family home to house elderly persons who may be in need of more professional or closely supervised care.

Under this program, ROLIG will partner with organizations to focus on children in their beneficiary regions. This project will include initiatives such as upgrading their primary schools, lunch feeding programs, menstrual health drives, etc.

In this program, ROLIG and its subsidiaries will commit to Global Mental Health Awareness (GMHA) campaigns to address the burden of disease.

This mitigation and intervention policy shall focus on the following tenets:
1. Community Engagement and Sensitization
2. Public Education.
3. Onsite and Virtual Social Worker and Mental Health Ambassadors' Training Programmes
4. Free Medical Camps for short, brief, intervention and referral
5. Facilitate a Global-Virtual Platform for collaboration on prevention and curative interventions to advance and enhance humanity.

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All our programs are well structured and targets the needy and vulnerable in the society who are within our operating scope.

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